Core Contributors

Volunteer and paid contributors to LSF that have showcased substantial contributions in one or more projects of the Foundation and alignment with the Libre Space Manifesto, are invited by the board to participate in the “Core Contributors” group.

Current “Core Contributors” can be found in the About Us section of the Libre Space website.

Being a member of “Core Contributors” grants the individual the following privileges and duties:

  1. Recognition in website About section

  2. Access to private “Core Contributors” discussion group in

  3. Access to #lsf-core matrix channel

  4. An email account of format

  5. Membership to LSF Core group on GitLab

  6. Access to

  7. Participation to LSF All-Hands (annual get together of all core contributors)

  8. Commitment to represent, spread and uphold the Principles and Pillars of the Libre Space Manifesto


Joining the “Core Contributors” group requires a nomination by an existing member and approval by the LSF board.


Once a new member is approved for the “Core Contributors” group the following actions should happen:

  • creation of the email account and instructions for setup sent

  • addition of the email account to the appropriate aliases

  • invite the core contributor to add the email account in hr email alias

  • grant access to appropriate Gitlab groups and repositories

  • invite to appropriate channels

  • addition to lsf-core group on

  • creation of account and appropriate group membership

  • creation of new vcard with contact details in Contributors shared address-book

  • sharing of PGP key id with the rest of the members (on the vcard or any other means)

  • access to specific tools depending on role (social accounts, devops, monitoring etc)

  • updating of About Us page on

  • updating of lsf-contributors.ods with details of the process

  • email to all LSF welcoming the new member